Breaking the Ice

Breaking the ice for what is hopefully a great platform to rant and write about, well...anything.

People have asked me for photography services, to order prints and to collaborate on projects for several years now, much of the time with a head nod left to right. It's not you, it's me. That's the excuse, right? But really, I've often times turned down weddings, events, opportunities and selling my work simply because I was lacking confidence that my work was worth any monetary value. I'm sure I offended several people along the way and I apologize for that. It hurt me more than it hurt you. If you're someone that asked me for any services and never heard back from me or received a "no" in reply, I hope this gives you resolve.

I'm ready to move forward and whether I have the confidence or not is to be determined but I love photography too much and capturing photos for people to hold on to forever to not pursue it more aggressively. I absolutely live for the raw emotion you can freeze in time. Whether it be someone so passionately pursuing something, a vast mountain landscape as the sun is setting or capturing one of my dogs jumping in the water down at the lake, I can't get enough of it.

I've upped my camera body and lens game recently, I've recreated this website with a more aesthetically appealing format (or at least I think) and I'm excited for what it may bring. I'm motivated. Hard work, collaborations, networking, a little money or just a good time...I'll even take any negative feedback or distaste for my portfolio! Bring it on.

On top of the photography and visual arts, I'm also really looking forward to using this side of things. I LOVE to write and much like photography, the confidence lacked and so I refused to start a blog. I hope you choose to follow along as I'll use this blog not so much for photography related topics but more my daily rants and opinions (I can finally stop posting long statuses to Facebook). 

I hope you're living well and at least one of my photos or one of my blog posts gives you the feels all the way down to your bones.